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Paid Incentives

Paid Incentives

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By Christine Liston-Birkett - April 2018

Are you based in the Manchester area? Are you outgoing and chatty? Do you like sharing your opinion with others? Were you aware that most research focus groups included paid incentives to cover your time and expenses? Want to take part in our regular market research surveys?

Then why not join our market research panelist database today?

Here's How Market Research Surveys Work...

We run and organise a number of market research focus groups each month across Manchester for which attendees like yourself are normally paid cash. Depending on what information the client is looking for, you might find yourself discussing anything from TV advertising campaigns, radio commercials, newspaper stories, new magazine titles - not to mention lots of different types of products and services.

What Kind Of Person Do You Need To Attend?

All you need is a chatty outgoing personality and a willingness to openly discuss your opinions with others in the group. That's it!

How Much Can I Earn In A Paid Market Research Focus Group?

That depends on the group or interviewing client at the time but attendees are typically paid between £30 and £100 per attendance.

What About Privacy and Data Protection?

Firstly, it's FREE to join. Secondly, absolutely NO sales calls will follow. Thirdly, any personal details you provide will be kept completely confidential. We are registered with the Information Commissioners' Office (Search our registration number - ZA024367) and abide by all the data protection requirements implied therein.

We are also fully GDPR compliant and abide by all the requirements set out in the UK Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct which means your personal data will always be handled securely and safely.

Sounds Good! I Want To Join!

Great! To be included on our market research panels, please complete the form below and click 'JOIN'. Your name will be added automatically to our confidential database.

What If I Change My Mind?

Don't worry. If you change your mind, or find that being a market research panelist isn't really for you, you can remove yourself from the list at any time. No-one will contact you again. There is absolutely no obligation on you at any time. We look forward to working with you!

Christine Liston Birkett & Mark Birkett - Research Northwest

Join Our Panelist Database!

Your Details...

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DATA PROTECTION INFORMATION & TERMS (Please read carefully before you click 'JOIN'):

By clicking JOIN below I am agreeing to the following;

  • In this context, I understand that I am the 'Respondent' and that the 'Commissioning Client' is the company or individual who commissions any research project I may take part in.
  • I agree that any data I supply in this form will only be used in order to facilitate my attendance at various market research focus groups as they become available.
  • I understand that any personal data I submit to Research Northwest via this form, or via any subsequent questionnaires for specific research projects, will be kept completely confidential.
  • I understand that any data I provide to Research Northwest for specific research projects will only be made available to the Commissioning Client.
  • I understand that although Research Northwest will always work to ensure respondents are paid in full for any projects I may attend, any disputes relating to cash incentives or other remunerations offered as part of specific research projects are solely a matter between the Commissioning Client and the Respondent.
  • I understand that any data I provide to Research Northwest will never be divulged to any third party or marketing agency.
  • I understand that I can unsubscribe from this database at any time.

Click the 'JOIN' button below if you agree to all of the above terms.

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Recent Customer Comments

"The recruitment was great and everything ran well.  Thanks so much, I really could not do my job without you".
Senior Moderator, Manchester-based Research Company *

"Thanks so much for the excellent group recruitment. The client was delighted".
Senior Moderator, London-based Research Company *

"Just had this in from the client…'just a quick update to say that all respondents turned up last night, had excellent collages in hand, and were wonderful in the groups. So thank you for you work on this.’. So THANK YOU!"
Senior Moderator, London-based Research Company *

"And I want to say that the group I just had will be the benchmark for an excellent group from now on. Such excellent respondents - every one of them. They all contributed. They were all articulate. Totally amazing and enjoyable. So thank you and to the recruiter".
Major UK 'Blue Chip' Client

(* = Full client testimonial details available upon request)

Latest News Items

Research Northwest Confirms GDPR Compliance!

May 2018: Research Northwest are pleased to announce that we're fully GDPR compliant, ensuring respondents have complete peace of mind regarding their personal data. And exactly the same peace of mind for all our market-research partner companies too!

Research Northwest Increases to over 4,000 Respondents!

April 2018: Research Northwest are pleased to announce their continuing respondent database expansion. Over 4,000 respondents now, across all social classes and demographics!

Research Northwest Launches New Website!

April 2017: Research Northwest launches new mobile-responsive website!

Research Northwest Panelist Database Expands!

March 2017: Research Northwest offers yet more clients access to our vast panelist database. More than 200 new panelists joining each month...

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